KST and The Masters Circle Global surrounds you with a full complement of expert resources so you can master your practice as you grow personally and professionally.

Here’s What You Get When You Become a Member of the KST/Masters Circle Global Coaching Program:

A 12-month (12 module) program where we cover each module during 3 half hour group calls, followed by a 4th thirty minute group call to review and discuss implementation each month. The topics (listed below) have been selected based on our experience on what best engages and best serves the individual doctor to consistently make progress and grow personally and professionally:

  1. The new mindset for ultra-success today…the values, beliefs and standards that separate the best practices from the rest.
  2. Personal growth always precedes practice growth…the secret weapon to jump start your practice.
  3. The 3 things every successful and growing DC focuses on for an optimized practice…where attention goes, energy flows.
  4. Superstar attractability…how to consistently create new patient abundance.
  5. The visit that defines you…the new rules for a world-class report of findings.
  6. Compliance, retention and accountability…the keys to great clinical success and PVA mastery.
  7. The essential concepts of a brain-based vitality practice…the new model of practice that is changing the conversation and transforming the profession.
  8. The magic of re-commitment…and the power of the re-examination mini-report.
  9. Time and money management that every DC must know…the essential business skills that will drive your practice.
  10. Learn what it takes to move people into action…motivate your staff, your patients and yourself with communication mastery.
  11. The art of doctoring made easy…customizing your recommendations and managing each patient perfectly.
  12. Expanding your capacity to serve more, earn more and be more…the hidden treasure for practice growth.

Hear What They Say!

“I joined The Masters Circle Global 10 years ago, directly out of Chiropractic College. I went to a TMCG seminar and was blown away with the congruency and the passion. In addition, the concept of coaching resonated with me. I then put into motion all of the wonderful things my coach told me to do. The systems and strategies that I learned gave me a wonderful foundation for growth and they are still in place today. The Masters Circle Global has changed my life for the better in every way possible as well as my practice growth and continued success.” Jared Leon, DC, NYC

"The coaches have so much energy, wisdom and passion; you cannot help but feel like Superman working with them." Paul Musk, DC, UK 

“Since I’ve joined The Masters Circle Global, my life has had an incredible boost. My patient flow and income doubled in the last few months and is still growing. I am now able to manage my time better and spend more time with my family. I really feel a part of The Masters Circle Global family and love them all.” Manuel Mazzini, DC Italy

“My experience with TMCG coaching has been phenomenal. I appreciate everything my coaches have helped me with. Knowing what I know now, I would have had a coach even before graduating from Chiropractic College. It has changed my life in an extremely positive direction. I trust myself more with building the resources needed to handle every situation. Thank you for all your work in helping me paint my masterpiece.” Alecia Arn, DC, Illinois 

To compliment your 12-month (12 module) program, all KST/TMCG coaching members will also enjoy … 

TMC Podcast: Each week, you will receive podcasts with empowering information on a variety of compelling topics such as creating multiple streams of new patients, improving conversion and compliance, staff empowerment, profitability systems, setting goals, current health care trends, personal growth, communication mastery, leadership skills and much more.

Member Pricing for Seminars: We offer sensational, information rich seminars. Members that attend our seminars with their significant other and/or support team clearly grow at a faster rate, become more engaged, learn the latest cutting-edge information, network and rub shoulders with some of the profession’s most successful colleagues and bathe in an energy field guaranteed to inspire you and make you proud.

Thrive in Five: The first weekly broadcast that gives you real usable practice building information in just 5 minutes. The broadcast is streamed live to Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope all at the same time, and you even receive the transcript via text to your phone.

Monthly Training Video: Each month, a training video will be sent to you that supports and expands on the monthly material.

The Masters Circle Global Marketplace:  This is your source for the most practical and effective product line and practice building tools in the industry. We have professionally recorded our seminars and have turned them into powerful and practical products that will jumpstart your understanding and knowledge of the fundamentals of all successful practices.

On-Going Email Support: Whether you have a practice question for one of our coaches, or a support question for one of our team members, you can email us anytime!

 Unsurpassed Customer Service: Our team instantly becomes your team. As a member of the KST/Masters Circle Global coaching program, you have a support staff of experts who are all here to serve you, answer your questions and ensure your success. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering excellent service above and beyond the expected.

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*Monthly Membership Fee: (charged on or about 1st day of month for 1 year) and One Time Enrollment Fee of $295