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Sternum at lunch

The other day I was invited to speak at a local chiropractic meeting, I was given a free lunch (it wasn’t so bad) and I got to meet a bunch of people. So one of the MRI sales guys there asked me to check him. First priority, sternum. 2nd priority, sternum, 3rd sternum, then liver, then sternum again. Sitting down, sternum liver, C1, cranials. What’s…

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Like a Fish to Water: The Power of KST

Here are some examples of the power of KST. Enjoy the stories. y…Unleashed with New Technology ! Fish to water I had a patient say to me: “something just told me to come here” She had never heard of us, but her other Chiropractor was out of town and uses…um well let’s just say a “lesser” technique (her words). She had a fantastic wave pattern…

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Which Technique is Best?

Which Technique is Best? And is anyone trying to find out? There are, by some estimates, nearly one hundred chiropractic techniques (methods of analysis and/or correction of subluxations). How do we determine if one chiropractic technique is better than another? How do we judge them? Where is the inter-technique research (i.e. comparing one technique to another) in the chiropractic profession? Colleges teach a variety of…

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Tedd Koren’s Free May 2013 Newsletter

 It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. – Voltaire, French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 – 1778)   Quackbuster in training?  “You are misleading your readers, and are doing a disservice to the community.”  Over the years Koren Publications’ chiropractic patient education materials have been attacked. I had just started KP when I got a call in my office in Philadelphia…

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There are only two chiropractic techniques

There are only two chiropractic techniques. “What? You ask, aren’t there nearly one hundred?” Well, yes – there are many “named” techniques or methods of locating and/or correcting subluxations – but if we consider the philosophy behind techniques we will discover that they all fall into one of two philosophical categories. All techniques are either vitalistically based or mechanistically based. This division is not unique…

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KST videos

Happy New Year. This will be a great year – it’ll be a steady, gradual, ever upward kind of year in which we’ll get wise and stronger. I feel it. Of course if you’re a Mayan you may be a little nervous since the Mayan calendar supposedly says the world will come to an end in 2012. If that’s the case then, what the hell,…

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