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The Koren Wellness Mission

Koren Wellness’ mission is to bring humanity to optimal health and wholeness by teaching, promoting and practicing ancient natural/empirical/vitalistic wisdom, a traditional approach that is sorely lacking in today’s world.

We seek to raise awareness of the natural sources of health and the causes of dis-ease (dysfunction, malfunction)
interfering with our ideal physical and mental/emotional expression. Our educational information, products and services place a focus on harnessing the body’s innate restorative abilities, promoting a culture that embraces and uses natural/empirical/vitalistic healing arts.

The Koren Wellness Experience

Koren Specific Technique

Koren Specific Technique (KST) is a revolutionary protocol that is used by thousands to locate and release the deepest stresses/subluxations/interferences on self and others.

Koren Publications

Educated patients stay in care and refer. Browse our catalog of unique, educational products that will make you and your practice the source of trustworthy information.

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The Koren Wellness Blog

Fighting Asthma? Breathe Deep with KST

October 16, 2017

My Brother’s Asthma Attacks I remember it well. The heavy wheezing, laboring for every breath, concerned voices, phone calls in the middle of the night, rushing to the hospital. My youngest brother, David, was having an asthma attack. My parents returned home with him after he got emergency medications. Few people had asthma then, but…

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Why a Holistic Diet is the Best Approach: Part 2

September 29, 2017

The Perfect Diet for Humanity: Part 2 The “Charles Darwin” of Nutrition In our previous post about nutrition we were introduced to Weston A. Price who, with his wife Florence, traveled extensively in the 1930s to examine the health of native populations in isolated parts of the world that still were largely untouched by modern…

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Why A Holistic Diet Is The Best Approach: Part 1

September 19, 2017

The Perfect Diet for Humanity: Part 1 For Me It Began with A Simple Question Is there a perfect diet for humanity? How can we find it if it exists? I’m sitting in my dentist’s office and wondering, “Why do so many people need their wisdom teeth removed today?” My parents didn’t have their wisdom…

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The Koren Wellness Story

The story of how Koren Wellness came to be is one that spans my entire life. When I was a young boy growing up in Brooklyn, I saw drastically different approaches to healthcare that set the stage for what was to become my life’s passion. I witnessed firsthand the different ways the body reacted to expressive versus suppressive treatment. The lessons of all of these life events led to the creation of Koren Wellness, so that it all could be shared with you.


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Dr. Tedd Koren
Dr. Tedd Koren

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