What Can We Learn From a 106-Year-Old?

She Might Have Some Things to Teach Us

Michael, my chiropractic college roommate, died of cancer two years after graduation. He was 36. Another classmate, Christine, died of cancer a few years after graduation. She was 28. Since then, I’ve watched other classmates, chiropractors and others suffer and die from cancer, stroke, heart disease … the list is long. They were all under chiropractic care. What was missing?

There are certainly cases of people with chronic, even terminal, diseases going into remission and healing under chiropractic care but that doesn’t address the question of why so many do not. Again, what are we missing?

What Did They Call Organic Food in 1895?

Food! Today’s soils are depleted of natural minerals. But in 1895 soils were richer because natural fertilizer (manure, composting) was the norm. Foods were more nutritious.

Additionally, synthetic fertilizers, toxic pesticides, herbicides and desiccants, including glyphosate (Roundup™) were unknown; cheap, rancid, toxic seed and hydrogenated oils (i.e., safflower, sunflower, cottonseed, and Crisco™) were not yet invented. Cancer and heart disease skyrocketed when those foods were introduced, replacing the more costly animal fats that had been traditionally prized for cooking for hundreds of generations.


Vaccination is a massive toxic assault. In 1895, the smallpox vaccine was the only one used, yet it caused immense death and disease. As a result of it, smallpox went from limited, localized outbreaks to massive nationwide epidemics. Death among the vaccinated was common. Vaccination disease (called vaccinosis) was widespread. Sickness and death from the shot caused public backlash. Among vaccines’ casualties were allergies and Down’s syndrome (in England and Germany), unknown before vaccination.

Mercury was used in medical preparations (which among other things, turned regular syphilis into neurosyphilis) and in hat production (causing the insanity known as “mad hatter’s disease”). Dental work wasn’t as toxic, and poisonous, yet—mercury “silver” amalgam and root canals were just beginning to be employed leading to serious illness.

EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) were not known. DD Palmer rarely used a cell phone.

However, poor sanitation; lack of indoor plumbing; poverty; as well as contamination of water from horse, pig, human and other waste resulted in cholera, diphtheria and other diseases.

Cancer and Chronic Illness Were Once Rare

In 1900 death due to cancer was only one in a thousand. Now it’s nearly one in two! Heart disease, allergy and asthma were barely known; Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), autism and Crohn’s and many others were so rare they had not yet been named. Some, such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, had been just recently named.

Why Did My Roommate Die?

Cancer and many of the other chronic conditions today are diseases of toxicity. In the military my roommate sprayed Agent Orange when he was in Vietnam. He was also vaccinated up the wazoo. Christine had mercury fillings, root canals, cavitations and toxicity that created a perfect storm.

Blessings in Disguise?

When our first child was due, I wasn’t sure what to do and began to research the subject of vaccination. I realized that in order to ensure our children’s health they would never be vaccinated. The result is my book Childhood Vaccination: Questions All Parents Should Ask.

To our surprise brain tumors touched our family. We were told radiation was needed immediately or death would soon come. We told the MDs we preferred to explore alternatives first. They called Child Protective Services to have our son removed from our care, strapped down and irradiated. We “lawyered up” and dodged that bullet. Six months later his brain tumors had shrunk 80%, a year later they were gone. My next book was Cancer is Natural, So is the Cure.

The Future of Health Care Is Detoxification

I am always on the lookout for ways to detoxify, cleanse, rebalance and restore health. After writing my cancer book I discovered the work of Hazel Parcells, DC, ND, PhD. Dr. Parcells lived to 106 in excellent physical and mental health after being told at age 40 that she had a brief time to live as her kidney and lung had deteriorated and her heart valves were swollen. In her own words:

X-rays showed that my right kidney was two-thirds gone, hemorrhaged away in the blood I had been losing. My heart had enlarged to the point where every one of the valves was seriously damaged. My weakened lungs had also begun to hemorrhage….

In the mind of the particular doctor reviewing my case, there was no doubt I would die a painful death, and very soon…my condition would not improve, he explained, but at least I would be kept as comfortable as possible during what would surely be the last few months or weeks.

I decided to let my body reveal to me the means of its own repair … at the end of six months I returned to Denver and to the doctor who had issued my death sentence. He was quite surprised to see me. 

What was even more of a surprise was the result of the new x-rays. The pictures showed an outline of re-formation taking place in the kidney; a new kidney was being built. The lungs looked more normal and had stopped losing blood. The heart was much less swollen. (1)

The Results …

Dr. Hazel Parcells

She returned to the hospital six months later with a regenerated kidney, a healed lung and a normal heart. While the MDs were mystified, none asked what she had done. She wasn’t even a doctor then—her DC, ND and two PhDs would come later.

Using simple, inexpensive methods she cured the incurable. For example, in the 1950s, 14 paralyzed polio victims were sent to her for care. Dr. Parcells restored all of them to full health and walking normally in a few hours!

Seeing the prison sentences and professional attacks other innovators suffered from she only taught small, invitation-only groups. As she once said, “If I advertise my work instead of teaching and seeing people in New Mexico, I’ll be in Old Mexico.”

Discover Parcells’ Methods at the Philadelphia KST Seminar

Terry Duffy studied with Dr. Parcells for ten years after her husband was healed of a life-threatening condition MDs could not help. She will be demonstrating Parcells’ work at our next KST (Koren Specific Technique) seminar November 5-7, 2021, near the Philadelphia airport.

Terry will be showing rare videos of Dr. Parcells plus she will be giving a free Parcells analysis and evaluation for those at the event. Just bring some DNA (saliva or hair at the class are fine, fingers and eyeballs are a bit excessive). Terry will analyze you for toxicity, deficiencies and imbalances. And she’ll give you suggestions for releasing, rebalancing and detoxification.

Every person at the seminar will receive a free booklet describing Parcells detoxification baths—inexpensive, easy to do and powerful. This is life-saving information.

How Does This Relate to KST?

Dr. Parcells did not have the KST OD (occipital drop) or AK (muscle testing). She preferred using a special silver and stainless steel pendulum—which will be demonstrated and available at the seminar. These (and many others) are all forms of binary biofeedback. As you know you are only as good as the questions you ask—Parcells’ work will help us ask more questions (and get better answers).

May we all live to 106—and beyond—by addressing toxins, thoughts and trauma. May we have a complete healing for ourselves and our most chronic patients!

Join Us

Join us in Philly for this life-changing, magical class. To register go to www.korenwellness.com and click on the KST tab. To obtain the books Childhood Vaccination: Questions All Parents Should Ask and Cancer is Natural, So is the Cure call For Your Practice at 267-498-0071 x 2 or go to www.korenpublications.com. Write to me at dr.koren@korenwellness.com if you have any questions.


  1. Dispenza J. Healer: The Pioneer Nutritionist & Prophet Dr. Hazel Parcells in Her Own Words at Age 106. Boyne City, MI: Harbor House. 2014:37-41.

Tedd Koren, DC discovered Koren Specific Technique, a breakthrough in healthcare, after dozens of doctors were unable to help him. For more information on KST or to register for an upcoming seminar, go to www.korenspecifictechnique.com or call 267-498-0071 (US East Coast).


Dr. Tedd Koren

Dr. Koren, originally from Brooklyn, NY, lives in Montgomery County, PA. A graduate of the U of Miami and Sherman College of Chiropractic, he writes, lectures and teaches in the US, Europe and Australia as well as takes care of patients and fights for healthcare freedom. Dr. Koren and his wife Beth have two children.

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