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Fighting Asthma? Breathe Deep with KST

My Brother’s Asthma Attacks I remember it well. The heavy wheezing, laboring for every breath, concerned voices, phone calls in the middle of the night, rushing to the hospital. My youngest brother, David, was having an asthma attack. My parents returned home with him after he got emergency medications. Few people had asthma then, but that was changing. Soon millions of families would experience that…

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Koren Specific Technique (KST) In The News!

Ignore Jim Gardner at the end, he is obviously in need of a major KST adjustment by Dr. Koren. Though we have no evidence that KST can cure a terrible sense of humor:) The results of the patients speak for themselves.

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Lecture at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

I was invited to give a presentation on chiropractic at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.  My talk at Grand Rounds is here . I discussed chiropractic history, research, clinical findings and get into the controlled clinical trial.  Please let me know what you think of it.

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San Francisco KST (Koren Specific Technique) Seminar – The Miracles Continue

I left my heart in…well you know the song. But SF was really great.  It was an eclectic group of creative doctors who came for a powerful reason – to get the kind of miracles DD and BJ Palmer wrote about – and MORE! What more? They also came to be healed. So many chiropractors are a mess after years of adjusting.  So many will…

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KST Blues

Here is a video from the Koren Specific Technique Seminar that took place this past week in SF. This is a song written and performed by Gurutrang Khalsa D.C. called the KST Blues.

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