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The Allergies and Asthma Explosion: Cause and Cure: Part 2

June 25, 2019 | 1 Comment

This weekend my brother and his family were visiting. My nephew has a severe cat allergy. They were going to have to leave early because my nephew was reacting to my daughter’s cat. He was stuffed up and had swollen red eyes. I used the KST allergy protocol. He cleared up immediately and was fine for…

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The Allergies and Asthma Explosion: Cause and Cure: Part 1

June 11, 2019 | 8 Comments

Allergies and asthma: from rare to epidemic. Why? When I was a kid, allergies — the overreaction to a food, cats or other things — were rare. I’d sometimes hear about someone who was allergic to strawberries or had “hay fever.” Remember when stewardesses (flight attendants) gave out peanuts on airplanes? Now they don’t; someone…

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The Real Measles Outbreak

June 4, 2019 | 10 Comments

Measles is a mild and mostly harmless condition that leaves a stronger, healthier child in its wake. Most adults born before 1965 got measles naturally and have lifelong immunity, a stronger immune system and protection from cancer, heart disease and other conditions as a result (more on that below). Serious problems from natural measles are…

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Vaccine Research: Let’s Make Believe You Own a Drug Company

May 28, 2019 | 7 Comments

Vaccine research: let’s perform a little thought experiment. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt and you’ll be back before morning. Let’s make believe you own a drug company. You’ve got a new vaccine and you’d like to market it. The potential profits are enormous but first you need to show that it is safe. Why? Because…

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Tedd Koren DC On Chiropractic and Ear Infections

More and more parents are bringing their children with ear infections to chiropractors. Studies such as this one show they are doing the right thing: 21 children (9 months to 9 years of age) with acute otitis media, red and bulging eardrums and a temperature of 100º F had a short course of chiropractic care.…

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Funny Friday!

An important message about Healthcare! Information you may need to help you choose your next health plan. Q. What does HMO stand for? A. This is actually a variation of the phrase, “HEY MOE.” Its roots go back to a concept pioneered by Moe of the Three Stooges, who discovered that a patient could be made…

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Sports Injuries And Chiropractic Care

Tedd Koren DC shares his views on health in the following blog. Tedd Koren DC is founder of Koren Publications and Koren Specific Technique (KST) With the NFL season just about to begin and a rash of Baseball players getting “dinged” by pitches and hits over this past weekend, I think it’s important to state…

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Tedd Koren DC Explains The Thoracic Hump

Do you have a hump? A hump? Where?  In many people a hump or rounded protrusion develops where the neck meets your thoracic spine (upper back).  Is it important?  Yes, it could be very important. In the illustration on the left/top the woman’s head sits evenly over her shoulders; this is “normal” posture. In the…

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Breaking News: The Fight Against Mandatory Vaccinations

It’s started.  Here is our attack against the vaccine monolith.  This is the beginning.  Here is the press release : Three attorneys and several health freedom organizations have just filed a petition with the FDA to challenge the licensing of pan flu vaccines. This approach bypasses the flaws of other legal action approaches (injunctions, etc.),…

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Tedd Koren DC: Answers A Common Chiropractic Question

Q. What does a chiropractic adjustment do to my body? A. Lots of great things. At the moment you receive a chiropractic adjustment to remove subluxations in your body hundreds or thousands of body functions improve. Scientists are still discovering all the things a chiropractic adjustment does for you. For example, a recent review of 45…

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Natural Immunity From Breast-feeding

Mothers give their babies immunity to viral illnesses through breast milk and if a baby is sick the mother produces much more immune cells for the baby. In one study the breast milk of mothers with sick babies had a four- to five-fold increase in the total number of white blood cells – which help…

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Tedd Koren DC On The Secret To A Healthy Life

Tedd Koren DC shares his views on health in the following blog. Tedd Koren DC is founder of Koren Publications and Koren Specific Technique (KST) Friendship. As important as good nutrition and exercise are close friends and relatives. More studies show that those with a large number of friends, relatives and other social ties live a…

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Benefits of Getting the Flu Part 2

(Koren Publications’ forthcoming Myth-Busting Swine Flu Report written by Tedd Koren DC,will discuss more swine flu issues. See here for other vaccination learning materials and here for brochures.) Colds and flu afford cancer protection In the below study, it was found that those who had colds and flu had less breast, colon, rectum, stomach and ovarian cancer.…

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Tedd Koren DC Talks About Aspirin

We hear it all the time: Aspirin isn’t bad for you and it even prevents heart attacks. But is this claim really true? Is aspirin truly safe? Well, the truth is that this is not a safe claim (pun intended) to make and Tedd Koren recently filled me in on the truth about aspirin. While…

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