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What Can We Learn From a 106-Year-Old?

August 4, 2021 | 1 Comment

She Might Have Some Things to Teach Us Michael, my chiropractic college roommate, died of cancer two years after graduation. He was 36. Another classmate, Christine, died of cancer a few years after graduation. She was 28. Since then, I’ve watched other classmates, chiropractors and others suffer and die from cancer, stroke, heart disease ……

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Tedd Koren Stoned In Indiana

July 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

Yes, I was stoned. No kidding. Heading east, we were minding our business speeding along on I-70 in Indiana. We had driven to Las Vegas to give a KST seminar and then to Burbank, California to speak at Chiropractic Rocks. We were returning home after many days of driving. Take a drive through America one…

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Tedd Koren in Shoot-Out!

June 28, 2021 | 8 Comments

This is not a joke; I was in a shoot-out in Dodge City, Kansas. OK, there were blanks in the guns. But it was very loud. We were at the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City where we learned all about cowboys, Indians, covered wagons, buffalo, cattle, gunfighters and the lawmen sent to bring peace…

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Covid Killed the Chiropractic Profession

January 28, 2021 | 17 Comments

What has happened to the chiropractic profession? Our schools? Our organizations? Why are they swallowing the medical model hook, line and sinker without a peep of protest? I received a newsletter from Sherman College, supposedly one of the last bastions of chiropractic’s vitalistic, hygienic philosophy. There are photos of students wearing masks in their clinic!…

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Swine Flu Vaccine Has A Million Times More Squalene

As you may know I am in a signatory to the Petition to the FDA to stop the swine flu shot. One of the reasons the shot must be stopped is because it contains one million times more squalene than the vaccine that caused Gulf War Syndrome in over a hundred thousand soldiers. Read the…

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Vaccine Creators refuse To Take Vaccine

Vaccine creators refuse to take swine flu vaccine. Read all about it here.

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Milk or MILK

What is pasteurized, homogenized milk? You keep hundreds or even thousands of cows fed corn, grain and other unnatural foods in a big holding pen so they are stressed and sick much of the time and therefore you have to give them antibiotics and other drugs. Then you mix all their milk together and boil it…

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Funny Friday

Bill Maher ends his show with a rant about Big Pharma, astutely observing, “If you believe you need all the pills and drugs the pharmaceutical industry says you do — then you’re already on drugs.” Watch this “YouTube” video clip.http://www.youtube.com/v/rHXXTCc-IVg&rel=1 How Congress “Works” http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/26b0d09397 A TEST FOR OLD KIDS The answers are printed below, but…

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The Truth About Record-Setting U.S. Life Expectancy

I’d like to thank alert reader Joe Jasper, DC for sending me following link and article. Life expectancy in the United States rose to an all-time high, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today. But that’s only half the story. The country is behind about 30 others on this measure. Though the…

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Finally, Some Good Swine Flu News

Parents and healthcare workers may refuse to get immunized or vaccinate their children against a pandemic virus if they believe the risks of a novel vaccine outweigh the benefits, according to research published in Emerging Health Threats Journal. Parents known to favor ‘alternative medicine’ were particularly opposed to vaccination-but even healthcare workers would be reluctant…

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Tedd Koren DC Lecture and KST Demonstration In California

What: CCA San Mateo District Presents: Tedd Koren, D.C.
Vaccinations, Swine Flu, & Health in America plus KST demonstrations. When: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Where: Poplar Creek Grill
1700 Coyote Point Drive
San Mateo, CA 94401 US Wednesday, September 9, 7:00PM To Do: To reserve a seat Phone 650-212-1414

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MDs Refusing Swine Flu Shots – Let’s Follow Their Example

The headline in the UK’s newspaper The Telegraph reads: One third of doctors do not want swine flu vaccination “Almost a third of doctors do not want to be immunised against swine flu, according to a new poll.” Will these GPs be hypocritical and vaccinate their patients, even though they are not convinced of the…

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Don’t Vaccinate School Kids!

(Koren Publications’ forthcoming Myth-Busting Swine Flu Report written by Tedd Koren DC,will discuss more swine flu issues.See here for other vaccination learning materials and here for brochures) We have enough autistic, brain injured, allergic and overall unhealthy children.  We don’t need any more. This came out Mon August 24, 2009: Swine Flu Goes to College “Five days…

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Predicting Swine Flu Deaths: A Lesson In Insanity

The headline from USA Today August 25th, 2009 is FLU COULD INFECT HALF OF USA 90,000 deaths, 2 million patients possible (see here for the rest of the article) This report released by the White House is further proof that people who work for the government take drugs – lots of them.  I wish they’d…

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