Tedd Koren DC: Answers A Common Chiropractic Question

Q. What does a chiropractic adjustment do to my body?

A. Lots of great things. At the moment you receive a chiropractic adjustment to remove subluxations in your body hundreds or thousands of body functions improve. Scientists are still discovering all the things a chiropractic adjustment does for you. For example, a recent review of 45 research papers, five case studies, 23 review articles, and eight animal studies found the following health improvements:

• Decreased blood pressure (if needed).

• Improvement in breathing and lung capacity in normal and asthmatic patients.

• Relieved symptoms of inflammation in osteoarthritis.

• Enhanced immune function.

• Improved intestinal and urinary function.

Owens EF, Hoiriis KT, Burd D. Changes in general health status during upper cervical chiropractic care: PBR report. Chiropractic Research Journal. 1998;V(1).


Dr. Tedd Koren

Dr. Koren, originally from Brooklyn, NY, lives in Montgomery County, PA. A graduate of the U of Miami and Sherman College of Chiropractic, he writes, lectures and teaches in the US, Europe and Australia as well as takes care of patients and fights for healthcare freedom. Dr. Koren and his wife Beth have two children.

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  1. Avatar MaryAnn C. Ley, D.C. on August 25, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    Not to mention increased flexibility, ROM, decrease in pain, improved sleep patterns…..We just need more research and case reports to be documented and submitted.

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