The Allergies and Asthma Explosion: Cause and Cure: Part 2

This weekend my brother and his family were visiting. My nephew has a severe cat allergy.
They were going to have to leave early because my nephew was reacting to my daughter’s cat.
He was stuffed up and had swollen red eyes. I used the KST allergy protocol.
He cleared up immediately and was fine for the rest of the weekend.
William (Sandy) Watt, DC, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Allergies and asthma: from rare and mild

I remember it well. The heavy wheezing, laboring for every breath, concerned voices, phone calls in the middle of the night, rushing to the hospital. My youngest brother, David (who also had allergies), was having an asthma attack. My parents returned home with him after he got emergency medications.

David is the youngest of four boys — myself and the twins being older. Not long ago I asked David if he had any idea of what caused his asthma and allergies. He said, “Sure, it happened after I got the measles shot.”

None of us older brothers got the measles shot or have allergies or asthma.

Allergies and asthma: to common and life-threatening

This is a story many families can repeat. Soon millions of families would experience the terror of the suffocating wheeze as well as the annoyance of life-long allergies. According to WHO (World Health Organization) estimates, 235 million people suffer from asthma and the numbers continue to rise. Retrieved 06/17/2019

Asthma, allergies and many other conditions have gone from rare and mild to common and life-threatening (even fatal) in just a few decades — coinciding with the increase in vaccines (as well as other toxins). See Part 1 for a more in-depth discussion of this relationship.

We didn’t only give David drugs. Our father had a dry-cleaning store in Brooklyn and became friends with Herbie, one of his customers. Herbie was a chiropractor, a Palmer graduate. One night, Herbie came over to visit. He carried a piece of luggage up our apartment steps, opened it and unfolded a little table in our living room. David got his first chiropractic adjustment. It seemed to make a difference; David’s asthma attacks began to abate. “This has some power,” I thought. But it wasn’t until many years later I discovered one of the reasons why.

What is asthma? Allergies?

People with allergies and asthma appear to have a malfunction of the nervous system, a control and regulatory system of the body. In addition to vaccines and other toxins, emotional stress, dental infections, structural imbalances, a poor bite and EMFs (electromagnetic fields) can stress the nervous system.

I have started all my patients this week with KST.
One was an 8-year-old with asthma who has been a patient for two years. He has shown some improvement but he still has to use his inhaler and has had breathing treatments daily for the last three weeks. I adjusted him with KST on the Monday after the seminar. He has had no inhaler use or breathing problems for almost three days! The parents are VERY happy! I’m excited for this next month and the miracles that wait!

H. Kala Eulitt, DC, Conroe, Texas

Rebalancing the nervous system

We know that the nervous system is intimately involved with allergies and asthma. For example, since the 1930s it was noticed that people with rose fever (an allergy to roses) could have an allergic reaction by merely looking at a photo of a rose.

The body as a hologram

A holographic photograph doesn’t look like a regular photo. It looks like a series of wave patterns. However, when a laser light shines through this wave pattern a recognizable picture is revealed.

But that’s not what’s really amazing. When a holographic picture is cut into smaller and smaller pieces and a laser is shone through even one piece, the entire picture is again revealed; one small part reflects the whole image.

This is seen in your body.

Your body behaves like a hologram wherein one part may reflect the whole. This phenomenon is used in the discipline of reflexology: one part of the body (typically the hand, foot or ear) reflects the entire body. For example, here is a mapping of the foot used by reflexologists: 

Tongue and eye

There is also tongue diagnosis used in Indian ayurvedic healing that uses that part of the body to determine the health of the entire body and more recently, iridology that uses the iris to diagnose the entire body.

More than analysis

reflexology for allergiesThis phenomenon is used not only to diagnose but also to treat people. The reflexologist may work on someone’s hands, feet or ears to stimulate organs, relieve pain and decrease stress.

We can use this phenomenon

Since reflexology validates that the body functions as a hologram, any part of the body may reflect any other part and can also affect any other part of the body. More than analysis, we can use this information for healing.

We can use this holographic phenomenon to address allergies and asthma. How? It’s actually rather simple.

This is how it is done: when a person is exposed to substances that trigger allergies and/or asthma their entire body, in true holographic fashion, changes. These changes include body chemistry, body structure (cranium, spinal column), musculature as well as others.


Koren Specific Technique (KST) refers to this holographic phenomenon as the POS — posture of subluxation or posture of stress.

In other words, based on what a person is exposed to, they suddenly have an “allergy body” or an “asthma body” that reveals different areas of stress, damage, dysfunction, imbalance, blockage and/or subluxation (and more!) compared to their unstressed or neutral body.

Why stop with the physical? When a person changes their emotional state they also exhibit different POS. You could have a “depression body,” or a “sadness body” or a “phobia body”, or a “child abuse body” that reveals areas of stress, damage, dysfunction, imbalance, blockage and/or subluxation compared to your unstressed or neutral body.

There is so much more we can do with POS — the accident POS, the learning disorder POS, the sport POS, etc.

The asthma/allergy body (POS)

My patient was experiencing chronic bad grass allergies so I decided to use KST.
I went out and got some grass from my office yard and put it in a baggy.
I then had the patient hold the bag and smell the grass.
Four days later she came back saying that she had no allergy symptoms since the last visit and she even mowed her yard
James Schmit, DC, Celina, Ohio

When the patient is exposed to their asthma or allergy triggers we then analyze their “asthma or allergy body” to locate and address the areas of stress, damage, dysfunction, imbalance, blockage and/or subluxation that have appeared.

By addressing/correcting/adjusting/releasing the stress, damage, dysfunction, imbalance, blockage and/or subluxations that appear when the person is in the POS we break an adverse neurological reflex or “tape loop” that has taken on a life of its own.

Koren Specific Technique (KST)

I just got back from my first KST seminar and used it on my patient who has really bad allergies and is taking daily medication. She said that she hasn’t had to take her allergy medications since her last visit.
All my patients are intrigued by the new thing I’ve started doing.
Jane Baxley, DC, Danville, CA

Koren Specific Technique (KST) practitioners use the holographic nature of the body to discover and address stress, damage, dysfunction, imbalance, blockage and/or subluxations when the patient is in different postures.

The actual practice is very simple:

  1. First, the person is exposed to their asthma and/or allergies triggers, be they physical or emotional.
  2. When exposed to the trigger their body changes and stress, damage, dysfunction, imbalance, blockage and/or subluxation or other abnormalities occur. Using KST questions we locate these areas.
  3. We address those areas needing correction.
  4. The entire procedure may take less than a minute. Different postures may be used and repeated but overall, it’s a quick analysis and correction.
  5. When no more stress is revealed upon exposure to triggers the session is done.
  6. The patient (and practitioner) are very happy.


The body is hyperexcited when allergies or asthma are triggered. This hyperexcited state is like a tape loop or program that keeps going ‘round and ‘round, altering normal function and using up resources.

Our goal is to break this tape loop, to do a “pattern interrupt” so the system reboots. KST specializes in this.

We do this by:

  1. locating areas of stress on the body that appear when the person is in the POS of allergies or asthma. It might be as simple as having them touch, smell, taste or emotionally relive an allergen or asthma trigger, and then
  2. addressing/releasing the stress no allergies or asthma

When we break or diminish the adverse neurological reflex, the person is freer from allergy or asthma. They may have memories of the stress but it doesn’t bother them at all (or much less). In other words, they aren’t somaticizing the stress.

They now have more energy for self-healing.

My patient is allergic to wine, her husband is a wine connoisseur. She sits with him at wine tastings but does not join in because if she has just a few sips she’ll get a migraine. I used KST and did the priorities. That night she had wine (both red and white) with her husband. She had no headache for the first time in 20 years. Her gratitude, as is mine, is endless. 
Karen O’Reilly, DC, Westmont, Ontario, Canada

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Dr. Tedd Koren

Dr. Koren, originally from Brooklyn, NY, lives in Montgomery County, PA. A graduate of the U of Miami and Sherman College of Chiropractic, he writes, lectures and teaches in the US, Europe and Australia as well as takes care of patients and fights for healthcare freedom. Dr. Koren and his wife Beth have two children.


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